DiamondNite tests for fake diamonds

by Ally

You always see in the movies someone whip out a magnifying glass and expertly classify whether or not a diamond is actually real.  Despite that it would make you look cool to pull that off, most people don’t really know how to tell the difference.  Well now you can pick up this handy little gadget to let you know for sure.  It’s the perfect gadget for every female that absolutely must know if she is being gifted the real deal.

It will let you know in the form of a beep what the stone really is.  No beep means it’s a simulant other than moissanite.  Then a continuous beep with a green light lets you know that the stone is a diamond.  If it does a higher pitched continuous beep with a red light that indicates that it’s moissanite.  It takes 1.5 seconds for it to read a stone, then 1 second after the first reading before you can move on to read another stone.  It runs on a 9 volt battery which is included.  You can purchase the DiamondNite for $199.95.

Source: bbgadgets

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