Star Trek Scene It Now Available

by Mark R

If you’re one those types who were drooling over the Star Trek Wallpaper that we posted the other day, then you are going to want to rush out and purchase the new Scene it game with a Star Trek theme.

If you are not familiar with Scene it, it is a board game that is played with a special DVD that is sort of a Trivial Pursuit with a pure entertainment focus. I’m sure that this Star Trek edition will have clips from all five of Star Trek shows, and even some of the movies.

You may notice that the playing pieces are in the shape of Starfleet ships with four collectable tokens. It also has 16 Prime Directive cards. The gameboard itself doesn’t look very Trekkie, though.

As for the box, I wonder how they got all five captains together in one room to pose for the picture? Okay, they just Photoshopped them together, but they really needed a better shot of Scott Bakula (aka Captain John Archer from Enterprise, Sam Becket from Quantum Leap, and now Chuck’s Dad).

If you are interested, you can purchase it at the Screenlife games site. This is one of three new Scene it editions, including the Disney channel and Seinfeld. The Star Trek edition has two collector’s editions like the Captains box and limited edition ships.


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