Denon DP-200USB Turntable

by Mark R

Vinyl, you still got it. Granted, most people have their favorite tunes on their iPod, but some of the old school crowd still have their favs on the LPs. Unfortunately, turntables these days are about as rare as, well, CD players.

Yeah, basic music format is practically all digital these days, which is why devices such as the Denon DP-200USB were invented. The DP-200USB Turntable allows the user to convert their vinyl tracks into MP3s.

All you need to do is put on the disc, and insert a USB flash drive in front. Hitting the start and record buttons is all you need to do from there, and the entire album is stored on a convenient flash drive that you can plug into any PC, anywhere.

The DP-200USB includes a Trans Music Manager, which allows the user to obtain track numbers and information. Trans Music Manager detects silent spaces between tracks, and using a PC will allow the user to access the Gracenote music ID server and obtain track information.

Other features include a built-in phono equalizer which allows the user to enjoy the music on a mini audio system or radio cassette player. The DP-200USB is also a fully automatic player which will automatically adjust its arm for whatever size of record that you are playing.

If you’re one those types that still clings to your old vinyl collection, even though you might not have a turntable, then perhaps the Denon DP-200USB can bring you into the digital age. It costs about $300, and can be purchased on the Denon UK site.


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Tim McIntosh Says: April 16, 2009 at 7:30 pm

Here’s what I want: In addition to the USB interface, make this thing a Bluetooth iPhone Accessory and then have it transmit the MP3s to an app on the iPhone, which then automatically downloads the album and track information. Direct vinyl to iPhone/iPod. You heard it here first.

branmar7 Says: January 30, 2010 at 2:06 am

What I would like to see is a very much simpler guide than the one provided by Trans Music Manager. For instance there is no advice on how you deal with USB that contains the 2 sides of an LP. It seems impossible to be fast enough to turn over the LP in order to have the full 2 sides recorded on the one Audio folder. Consequently, TMM does not offer any advice on this matter and it is important.

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