The Many Headphones of iHarmonix

Yes, I have reviewed many headphones on Coolest Gadgets before, and I am certainly going to review more in the future. At CES, I got a chance to try out iHarmonix, and they were kind enough to send me a sample. I have to say that out of the three headphones that I have, the iHarmonix are the ones that I use the most.

These High Fidelity Stereo earphones are for iPod and MP3 players, and they come in several models.

The Platinum i-Series have advanced sonic accuracy with super bass, brushed stainless steel and alloy housings, as well as an inline microphone. The Platinum ev-Series have the exact same features, except instead of an inline microphone, it has volume control. The Platinum e-Series also have the same features, and they have a comfortable fit.

The Pro i-Series is for any mobile music device or iPhone, iPhone 3G, and BlackBerry. It features high performance sound, ergonomic noise isolation, memory foam eartips, and an inline microphone. The Pro ev-Series have the exact same features, but they are only for iPod or MP3 players.

I had a chance to try out the Platinum e-Series (pictured here), and found that they did their job, and more. For example, I was watching The Hunt for Red October, and when I heard the ambient sounds of a submarine on the iHarmonix, I thought I was hearing the sounds of traffic outside. Not bad.

You should be able to purchase these headphones models and many others at the iHarmonix site for varied prices. The Platinum ev-Series are about $59.95, the Platinum e-Series cost $49.95, and the Pro i-Series are $39.95.

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