Rolling Garden Scooter

Gardening can be literally back-breaking work, so it makes perfect sense to get all the help possible in order to enjoy what is supposed to be a hobby. With the Rolling Garden Scooter, this device ought to make any avid gardener happy (we’re talking about real land, people, so those in apartments while keeping a faux garden along the window-sill need not apply.

Garden scooter is the easy way to save your back and knees while gardening, painting, fixing equipment, and performing other down-low household chores. No painful bending, stooping, or crawling on your knees! Tough plastic construction with a roomy tray for holding tools and gloves. Comfortable seat. 3″ wide wheels let you move easily through long grass.

Not too sure if this would be comfortable for extremely tall folks though as the user will sit a mere 12″ off the ground. You can pick up the Rolling Garden Scooter for $29.99.