Bumptop Brings Your Desktop into the 3D World

While I was searching for article topics, I found a Windows application that makes a computer desktop more like a desktop. It is called Bumptop, and it inserts 3D into the computer desktop, a normally flat 2D world with folders that just have to be named.

You definitely want to watch the YouTube video here. It is pretty minimalist with an announcer and demo, but just watch it, and you will already be sold.

One of my personal favorite features of Bumptop is how it allows the user to “pile” their files instead of placing them in a folder. They can view these files as a grid, or even flip through them like pages of a one-sided book using nothing but the scroll wheel.

You also have to love how a user can display his or her photos, and upload them to Facebook, Twitter, or email just by dragging and dropping them. You also have to love how a user can alter their view of their desktop.

Bumptop also has a very interesting “clean-up” feature. You can put all your things in a pile, just like you would on a real desktop, only faster.

The best news about Bumptop is that it is free. That is, a light version of the application is. The more powerful version of the application costs about $29. You will need a 1.4 gigahertz processor, a gigahertz of main memory, as well as an integrated graphics card.


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