Artemide Melampo Notte table lamp adjusts to your needs

by Ally

Most table lamps are fairly basic, either they offer a spotlight for something you’re working on or they give the whole room light.  I don’t know that I’ve seen a whole lot of table lamps that manage to offer both, but this pricey lamp does exactly that.  This design by Adrien Gardere gives both direct and indirect light easily, by just making a quick adjustment to the lamp.

What makes it possible to do this, is that the lampshade itself is adjustable.  In one position the shade can give indirect light and in the other position it gives direct light.  The lamp measures 40cm tall and the base is 17 cm in diameter.  The base is painted zamac with a painted aluminum stem.  The overall lamp comes in two different color combinations, the grey – grey or bronze – neutral.  Despite that you’re going to pay £132.00 ($194) for this lamp, the company isn’t kind enough to toss in a bulb.

Source: SwitchedonSet

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