CB2 is starting to grow up

by Mark R

Some of you might remember about two years ago when we reported on the Child-robot with Biomimetic Body, aka the CB2. The CB2 is a robotic toddler that is programmed with AI to make it act like a baby.

Apparently, two years of cognitive development have been good for the robo-tyke. It has been developing social skills by recording facial expressions with its eye cameras, and it can match them with physical sensations of its own.

There have even been reports that the CB2 has learned to walk by observing humans doing it. That is all my sources say about that, and I would like to know if any interim period of crawling for the CB2 was required before it learned to walk.

The developers hope that it will not take long before CB2 learns how to talk, presumably by listening to other people. At what point will the CB2 start school? Should it be home-schooled, or entered into public school? Man, the other kids will be merciless to him…it.

Well, the future of CB2 seems uncertain, but I’m sure we’ll keep you posted on its development. If you want to know about a little more about its origin, feel free to check out this article I wrote about it a while ago.


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