AirCurve iPhone dock amplifies noise for better audio performance


The AirCurve iPhone dock you see here works like many other things we have created – by mimicking nature. After all, who are we to argue that our ears were specially designed to scoop up noise from all around? Surely evolution makes it all but impossible for something as basic as an ear to reach where it is today, but that’s another article for another day. Let’s concentrate on the AirCurve that takes after our ears, coming with a scoop on top of where you dock the iPhone so that all audio played from it will be amplified thanks to clever use of air tubes that increase the volume by an additional 10 decibels without having to fork out additional power from batteries. You can also use this ingenious £17.95 device as a hands-free speaker, a beside alarm clock or even a diminutive desktop music station.

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