The LED Message Mouse with fan

by Ally

Mice being created with fans are nothing new.  They’re nice to keep your hand cool when your office gets a little too warm.  After all, computers can produce a bit of heat and the more that are running in one room, the warmer it’s going to get.  However, leave it to Japan to take it about three steps further.  You have to love their flare for taking an average product and giving it an LED twist.

Each mouse has LED lights on the inside and you can program the mouse to display a personalized message.  If you’re wanting to change that message while you’re away from the computer, it even has a handy little remote control.  Of course, you’ll have to keep your messages a little short, the max amount of characters is 12.  These are being retailed in Japan for about $21 and might be a bit difficult to get a hold of outside of Japan.

Source: Gizmowatch

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