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You know how the world has become a much smaller place these days thanks to ease of travel as well as this thing called the Internet, where you can basically find information on anything and everything (although there are some sites with false leads, but that’s another can of worms)? The whole world’s knowledge base is growing by the second, with more and more people able to share information with one another through numerous channels. Looking up the meaning of a word is no longer limited to flipping through the pages of a dictionary, as one can always, in tech parlance, “Google it”. Nokia decides to be part of this revolution by offering an innovative service concept known as Point & Find – all you need to do is point your cell phone’s camera at real-life objects and capture a snapshot, where it will then retrieve information from its database concerning the photo in question. Currently, this service is limited to just movies and is available in the UK and US, with capabilities expanding into other services and countries later on.

According to Philipp Schloter, General Manager, Nokia Point & Find, “With Nokia Point & Find, businesses are able to target engaging experiences and calls-to-action to consumers. We believe that this first Nokia Point & Find-based service for movies will add something special to the cinema experience. Simply by pointing their camera phone at a poster for a new movie, people can watch the trailer, read reviews, and find the closest cinema where it is playing.”

Selected businesses have already recognized the potential for such a service by including Nokia Point & Find in their campaigns, finding success at the same time. This open service platform ultimately allows clients to build innovative customized experiences in order to drive better engagement with potential customers. We forsee plenty of movie tie-in competitions launched in conjunction with this service initially – what other methods of engagement can you think of with the Nokia Point & Find?

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