The AK Rock Box Gaming and Storage Ottoman

by Ally

Anyone who has become addicted to Rock Band knows the woes of dealing with the controllers.  For some it’s just left out and ignored, then others have closet space to store it within.  However, none of the solutions are ideal.  Especially the one where they’re left out, for those that prefer to be respected as an adult it could cause issues.  Something about plastic controllers cluttering up your living room makes people see you in a slightly different light.  Well now you can store them away and in a highly convenient way.

This ottoman could stay out in your living room, giving easy and convenient access to the controllers.  Inside the ottoman you can store a microphone, a foot pedal, two guitars and the drums.  The drum storage solution is probably the best part of the whole ottoman.  Due to the way they have it set up the drums never entirely come out of the ottoman.  They just lift up and you play them while they’re still attached to it.  You can purchase the 38” long by 22” wide and 17” tall ottoman for $199 on Amazon.

Source: Gamerfront

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