Kozo Lamps made out of pipes

Every time I glance at this lamp it reminds me of Runaway Bride.  In that movie the main character creates lighting out of hardware typically meant for other tasks, such as pipes and that sort of thing.  I thought it was a brilliant idea when I saw the movie and I still think it’s a great idea.  I’m glad to see someone making something like this in reality, instead of just in Hollywood.

Although it’s not entirely reality, since these are in the design stages still.  The designer David Benatan works for a design company in Tel Aviv.  Which is where he makes these interesting lamps made out of pipes.  The best part of the whole lamp is that it can be turned on and off by turning the faucet handle.  Part of the fun of the design is also that many of the lamps don’t appear to be stable, they look as if they might tip over.  They are thankfully perfectly secure though and won’t go tipping over.  The pipes are left completely authentic, they still have rust on the joints and marks from hand tools that were used to assemble them.  Hopefully these will make it to stores sometime soon.

Source: bbgadgets

Update: These were actually found on Etsy, you can pick them up for anywhere from $169 to $229.

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