Clearwire offers CLEAR Spot Personal Hotspot


Wi-Fi connectivity can be found in a myriad of devices these days, so it is no surprise to stay connected no matter where you are as Wi-Fi hotspots themselves are dime a dozen. Unfortunately, consumers are still unable to connect to a true broadband network without first looking out for a Wi-Fi hotspot, and Clearwire Corporation hopes to change this by offering the CLEAR Spot Personal Hotspot device which allows standard Wi-Fi products to connect to the Internet not at 3G but broadband speeds, courtesy of the company’s CLEAR mobile WiMAX service.

What does the CLEAR Spot do? For starters, it will create a personal Wi-Fi hotspot which travels with you wherever you go, and as long as you remain within the CLEAR service area, you’re able to surf without suffering from dropped connections or anything of that ilk. This portable battery-powered router is able to connect up to eight Wi-Fi devices simultaneously to the Internet through the CLEAR mobile WiMAX network, and you have very little work on your part as all you need to do is insert the CLEAR USB Modem into the router and voila – an instant Wi-Fi hotspot is conjured out of nowhere, letting up to eight other people in the vicinity share this mobile WiMAX network and get started with their online life there and then. The CLEAR USB modem can be purchased individually for $49 though, so do be prepared to add that into the final costing.

CLEAR’s mobile WiMAX service uses an all-IP network designed specifically for data, and is able to deliver (theoretical) download speeds up to 4Mbps. You don’t have to tie yourself down to long term service contracts with CLEAR’s mobile Internet plans, as they can be purchased for as little as $10 for per day use or by the month, with prices starting from $30 upwards.

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