Virtual Wardrobe

by Mark R

Some of you might remember the Interactive Mirror, which allows you to try out T-shirt designs by selecting patterns on a design menu. It would appear a new online program called the Virtual Wardrobe does a similar thing.

The program is very simple, allowing you to put your head on a virtual mannequin, and then put on outfits like your body was a paper doll. You can also try on different hairstyles with colors.

Of course, most of our own bodies don’t look like mannequins. So you may wonder if the Virtual Wardrobe is giving the users an unrealistic look at what these clothes would look like on us.

The way that this technology is going is the e-fit, which involves stepping in front of a three-dimensional scanner, getting the actual measurements of your body, and the clothes are digitally painted on. This will definitely give you a more realistic look.

Of course, that leads to another question. Does anyone have a scanner that can do your entire body? I know I don’t. Perhaps some company will have to make them, and then distribute them like they were photo-booths.

That’s the problem with advancements in technology. It always appears that society isn’t ready for what new tech suddenly comes in the light.


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