Shure releasing SE115 colorful earphones

by Ally

It used to be that if you wanted a pair of colorful earphones you might be able to get them from one brand, but that’s about it.  Now other brand names are tossing in a few brightly colored options for those of us that don’t necessarily want all of our gadgets in bland colors.  Yes, black is nice and sleek as well as neutral, but every so often bright red or pink is nice.  These Shure earphones come in a grand total of four different colors to choose from.

No, it’s not an overwhelming amount of color, but it is nice to have the choice to go for the blue earphones instead of the black.  These Shure earphones are from Shure’s noise-isolating range of earphones.  This range also features enhanced bass, for those that love a nice rich bass to go with their favorite tunes.  Unfortunately, these are a bit pricey, but they are a nicer set, they will cost you $99.

Source: TechDigest

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