Remote Controlled Manta Ray

Manta rays are majestic creatures that roam the earth’s oceans, and chances are you won’t be able to bring one home by any means which leads us to the next best thing – the Remote Controlled Manta Ray.

This is the remote controlled manta ray that glides underwater while you swim or snorkel nearby. Its hydrodynamic body has small holes in its upper body that allow water to displace air as it submerges down to its maximum depth of 8′. You can control it from 6′ away with the remote (which is waterproof down to 3′). Forefinger triggers on the underside of the remote enable independent pitch for each thruster, providing control for steep, powered dives to the bottom of pools and rapid ascents. Thumb toggles on the topside of the remote allow for independent thrust operation of each shrouded propeller, providing the ability to move forward, backward, make left and right turns, barrel rolls, or complete underwater loops–even intricate submerged Immelmann turns. Three LED panels provide a phosphorescent glow as it moves through the water. A rechargeable battery (sold separately) contained in a sealed, waterproof compartment powers the manta for up to 30 minutes (takes four hours to fully charge); the remote requires one 9-volt battery. Four AA batteries (not included) can also power the manta ray. Sturdy PVC, ABS, and stainless steel construction. For freshwater use.

It is interesting to note that while the real manta rays live in the ocean, this remote controlled version will just have to make do with freshwater only, probably due to the materials it was constructed from where salt water could end up being more abrasive than normal. After all, you wouldn’t want something that cost you a handsome $119.95 wear out so fast, do you?