by Mark R

As someone who likes to work from home, I value my space. Right now, I use a laundry room because I don’t have a spare room, but I’m wondering if my productivity would increase if got my own space apart from the house.

I suppose that this is the vision for the OfficePOD which is designed for, a small space that is designed to shut out the outside world. I’m not certain how soundproofed it is, but it’s probably more able to drown out the background noises than what I usually experience inside the house.

With the glass exterior, it almost looks like you are working outdoors. I suppose that would be okay in the summertime, but it would have to be heated in the wintertime. It is also inconvenient when you need to step out and use the restroom, as you will need to feel the cold.

I’ve heard that the OfficePOD is made of high quality materials, and I hope it can withstand high winds. You had better not leave some papers on the desk, as they might blow away when the door opens.

If you are interesting in acquiring an OfficePOD, it is available to lease for about $7100 from the OfficePOD company.


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Denise Says: April 3, 2009 at 10:56 am

Marc–If you like the Office Pod then check out Zoom-Room. It can turn any office into an extra guest room at the push of a button. Have you heard of it? Very cool. Based in Miami.

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