Gametrak Freedom

by Mark R

Nintendo made history when it released the motion controlling Wiimote, so why shouldn’t other video game consoles carry a motion controller of their own? I suppose it would look like a cheap imitation if they did, but why shouldn’t a good idea be multiplied?

A company called Performance Designed Products (PDP) say that Gametrak Freedom is a 3D motion controller for the Xbox 360. In fact, it almost looks like PDP has made something almost better than the Wiimote.

The Gametrak Freedom has Ultrasonic 3D position sensing which uses sound to determine exactly where the controller is in the room. This new tech may unlock a whole new genre of gaming as the controllers can “see” one player throw something towards another player in a room, and it can sense when a player moves out of the way. The Xbox stick also uses accelerometers that can determine the angle of the controller.

I would appear that a lot of the buttons from the Xbox 360 have meandered their way to Gametrak Freedom. I’m not sure how this controller syncs with the console, but it is probably like the Wii. I wish I would stop making comparisons, but I can’t stop, really.

The Freedom is planned to be released with a game called Squeeballs. I’ve seen the trailer for this game, and it looks a little…disturbing.


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