Elecom’s new USB Fan keeps it simple

by Ally

There’s never a shortage of people preferring their gadgets complicated and with lots of built-in features.  After all, it does make things more convenient, since that’s one less thing you’ll have to deal with.  However, sometimes it’s nice to keep things simple, instead of overloading your gadgets with things that you often never use.  In some cases the added extras aren’t quite as well done when they’re combined with another gadget.  This fan from Elecom is anything but complicated.

Just plug it into your USB port and it’s all powered up.  Of course, that means one more gadget clogging up your USB ports, so you might need to start utilizing a hub if you want to keep this plugged in.  The speed of the fan can be adjusted to what is comfortable for you.  Although you might not get much use out of a fan right now since it’s only early spring.  Soon the days will be getting hotter.  You can pick this up for ¥1,200 or about $12.

Source: Akihabara

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