Turtle-Look USB Hub with a hidden tray

by Ally

This multi-functional turtle looks about like something you managed to flatten while blazing down the highway in your car.  Well despite the squished look, this turtle would actually be pretty useful and not just for his USB benefits.  Yes, he is mainly a hub to jam your USB drives into his legs, but he has even more ways to help you out during your average work day.

On the back of the turtle, you can flip up his shell to use the tray within.  It’d probably be most useful for coins and things like that.  Despite the ashtray type look, it’s likely best if you don’t use the tray for that.  Although the head of the turtle looks like it could easily be a stapler, it’s not.  The top of his head is just the button you push to pop open that shell of his.  You can jam up to 4 different USB drives into this turtle.  Pick it up for $13.99 on USB Fever.

Source: Techchee

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