The MP3 Speaker Pillows have been tie dyed

by Ally

I might very well be crazy, but for some reason with summer coming up it always makes me think of 60’s inspired things.  Maybe it’s how summer-like the style was, the embrace of nature into the fashion.  Either way, if you do enjoy 60’s inspired items, you’ll love these MP3 speakers.  They’re about as brightly colored as they come and are decked out in tie dye to boot.  Plus these come in several different shapes for you to choose from.

The plush speakers double as an FM radio for times when you’ve forgotten your MP3 player at home or the battery has managed to die on you.  There are a grand total of 5 different shapes for you to choose from, guitar, cellphone, boom box and a peace loving teddy bear.  Although the teddy bear doesn’t have the built-in FM radio that the rest of them have.  To get your music up and running, you’ll need 2 AA batteries.  You can purchase one of these speakers for $24.95 a piece.

Source: ShinyShiny

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