Hotelicopter: Practical or Impractical luxury?

by Mark R

I’ve been seeing many a gadget blog buzz about the Hotelicopter today. I suppose this is one of those coolest gadgets that I can’t help but report about either.

The Hotelicopter is exactly what it sounds like: a hotel in a helicopter. It is a Mil V-12 prototype that was originally built in Russia in 1968. It looks like there was a sale after the cold war ended, and someone plans to give the Mil a 5-star hotel makeover with queen size beds, a mini-bar, and even add extra amenities like Wi-Fi.

This is apparently enough to give 18 guests the night of their life. Just imagine spending the night in a room that can cruise at 140 miles per hour.

I’m not certain that I can see the practicality of this vehicle. After all, a full booking would involve that all guests arrive at a designated time before takeoff, and there is only a limited amount of time that the Hotelicopter could stay in the air before it runs out of fuel.

Of course, this is one of luxuries that will probably cost a pretty penny just so someone can experience their honeymoon and join the “mile high club” on the same night. If you want in on this action, its maiden voyage should commence sometime this summer.


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