Walking House to take to the streets

Buying a house is one of the most important investment decisions one can ever make, but apart from a trailer, how many of us own homes that can move about? The Walking Home concept is one of the more interesting ones we have come across lately – this is actually a modular dwelling system that allows one to live a peaceful, nomadic life by going through the city’s streets or vast, rolling hills without causing too much of an impact on the environment. After all, the Walking House relies on solar panels embedded all over its body to provide energy within, with small windmills helping it out as well. Water is collected from rainfall, so we would advice staying in areas where there is large amounts of rainfall each year. Inside, expect to live out a spartan lifestyle as you get a basic living module with a composting toilet system, a small wood burning stove and a solar-powered water heater.

Source: Likecool