Help Lock is a safety mechanism for bathroom accidents

by Ally

There are several different types of people that are safety concerns when it comes to them and being locked in a bathroom.  Be it because they’re injured, young or elderly, we all have been or will be in a situation where a locked bathroom can become a safety concern.  Granted you could stop locking the bathroom door in some cases, but some situations just can’t be predicted.  Accidents within the home are bound to happen.  Well with this door lock, you won’t have to worry about being either locked in or out.

The lock comes with a timer that automatically comes on when the door is locked.  Once that set time is passed, it will remind you to cancel the alarm.  After 30 seconds, if there has been no answer, it will unlock the door, sound an alarm and dial an emergency number.  The emergency number is one you program in yourself, so it could even be a loved on instead of the general 911.  As of now this is still a concept design by Haishan Deng.

Source: Gizmodiva

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