Vuzix releases Augmented Reality Video Eyewear at GDC 2009


Most of us would have heard of Vuzix Corporation by now as they’re a company that has numerous video eyewear devices in their stable to date. What’s the next logical step, you ask? Why, the company is currently parading a game-changing Augmented Reality Accessory Kit that was specially built for the popular VR920 Virtual Reality Video Eyewear. This unique device was the result of a partnership with metaio, Inc., a world leader in augmented reality software solutions, and you can drop by Vuzix’s booth at the 2009 GDC to see a demonstration on how a simple printed page can be brought to life using 3-D animated characters which seem to pop out of the book for a much more lifelike reading experience. Kinda makes us wonder just how are kids suppose to exercise their imagination these days if computers and technology is going to do it for them. What about the psychological effects for those who have a lower mental fortitude when they read a book filled with ghosts and ghouls?

There are two main devices that make up the Vuzix AR Accessory Kit, and they are :-

CamAR, a clip-on USB camera that mounts onto a pair of Vuzix Video Eyewear. The CamAR not only allows the user to see through to the real world but is also designed to accurately track objects and the user’s position in 3-dimensional space.

PhasAR, a wireless augmented reality input controller is designed to be used in unison with the CamAR. The PhasAR allows users to interact with virtual, mixed and augmented reality worlds with a revolutionary 6 degree of freedom tracking system that lets the computer know exactly where the user is touching in the virtual and real worlds. Depending on the application, the PhasAR can become anything from a powerful virtual magic wand to a 3-D virtual paint brush. The PhasAR enables powerful 2-D like mouse support in order to effortlessly control virtual objects in 3-D space.

No idea on pricing or availability as at press time though.

Source: Slashgear

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FLYINHAGGIS Says: August 8, 2009 at 8:55 pm

why can i buy the glasses 100 bucks cheaper , from an irish retailer than u can from the vuzix website

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