Samsung Papyrus e-book reader coming this summer

by Mark R

Just try and picture that guy with the deep voice who used to do the movie previews when you read this. “This summer, the world will be rocked…by an e-book reader. Prepare yourself for the thrill of…Papyrus!”

Yes, it would appear that Amazon’s Kindle 2.0 will have another competitor jump in the ring for the e-book market. The Samsung Papyrus resembles that one device from the World’s biggest bookstore, and it has a touchscreen made for A5 paper size.

Other features include a truckload of applications including a memo pad, scheduler, calendar, a world clock, contact list, and a calculator. It has a stylish stylus as well as 512 MB of memory.

The Papyrus is expected to hit the market sometime during the summer, but only in Korea. It should hit the UK and the U.S. sometime after that, for a price of about $300. The screen itself doesn’t look it has capacity for color, but how much color do you really need for an average book? As for the exterior color, it comes in three colors of white, black, and an odd shade of sea green.

I mentioned the Kindle earlier. On a somewhat related note, you might have caught last week’s episode of Dollhouse when Patton Oswalt substituted the word Kindle for “book”. It was an odd, to say the least. You’d have to see it to believe it, and I recommend you catch last Friday’s episode on Hulu. I realize that I have badmouthed Dollhouse before on this site, but the last episode made me believe that the show could actually go somewhere.


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