Recycled Drink Bottles turned into lighting

by Ally

What appears to be just a very chic and modern light is actually an eco-friendly pendant light.  It uses old water bottles to create the light, which after you know that, it’s quite easy to tell.  The light is currently being exhibited in a competition at the Ideal Home Show London.  It’s trying to win concept of the year, but it is up against 25 other designs.  The great thing with a concept like Sarah Turner’s is that it could easily be done by a common person who is great with DIY projects.

Even if her light doesn’t win, it’s highly likely that some people will attempt to make their own versions of the light.  You can vote for her online if you’d like to try to help her win.  While you’re there you can also check out the various other concept designs.  The other designs range from furniture, to kitchenware and of course lighting as well.  All are making an attempt at keeping the world eco-friendly.

Source: Inhabitat

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