That Laptop is Mine pocket for your laptop

If you’ve ever had issues pointing out your laptop, this little pocket will help out with that.  It’d be hard to miss a laptop with a pocket placed on the lid of it.  It would of course also help keep you organized as well, even if it is only a couple of extra pockets.  Although, one might say that you could just as easily store these things in your laptop bag.  I suppose if you tend to leave your laptop bag in one spot and carry around the laptop within your home, it would help keep some tools handy.

Some could also argue that you don’t need a pen and notebook, since within your computer there’s a notepad program that requires no pen to use.  You could also stick other things in the pocket though, such as a calculator, which you can also find within your laptop.  All around, I’m not really sure what you could put in that pocket that’s really all that necessary.  However, it will most definitely make it easy to spot your laptop, so at least there’s that.  It comes in pink, brown and green.  To put it on your laptop, it just uses an adhesive that will stick easily to the lid.  You can purchase it at the Container Store for $5.99.

Source: CraziestGadgets