OCZ reveals two more gaming mice


Most of us would think that peripherals meant for gaming are normally much more expensive than ones used for the standard office crowd since the former group are extremely demanding when it comes to performance, and to own an expensive piece of hardware (or two) also adds to the glamor and bragging rights if you’re “in the scene”. OCZ Technology Group blows that notion out of the water by offering two more gaming mice that will cater to gamers who are running on an extremely tight budget – and we believe many are these days, with the Behemoth and Eclipse gaming mice. Both models were constructed with the hardcore gamer in mind, offering a competitive edge with quality ergonomics and advanced features designed for both gaming and productivity applications.

According to Ryan Edwards, Director of Product Management for OCZ, “OCZ continues to break barriers in the cost for performance arena by offering high performance gaming products that deliver exceptional features, ergonomics, and performance at an aggressive price. The new Behemoth and Eclipse gaming mice are no exception, offering world-class performance designed to provide the discerning gamer and enthusiast with a superior hands-on control experience whether playing first person shooters or getting creative with design applications.”

Both the Behemoth and Eclipse will enable the gamer to fine-tune the optimal balance of the mouse in order to achieve superior control, and they can also enlist the help of weight cartridges to get just the right “feel” during intense gaming sessions. Individual mice will also support data-upload to the on-board memory for instant “plug and play” settings, without having to resort to additional software to unlock the advanced functions. Not only that, you will also be able to take advantage of on-the-fly switching between four configurable personal profiles, making it a snap to switch between your gaming and work personas – perfect for folks who boot up World of Warcraft or Left 4 Dead the moment the clock strikes 6 at the office.

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