Baby Pillow and MP3 Player

by Mark R

I’ve heard that it is not healthy to put your baby in a crib with a pillow, as the cushiony pillow could smoother him or her. However, a pillow that is the right shape can comfort your child’s head in a manner that is soothing and non-threatening.

Of course, these type of baby pillows are a dime a dozen, but not many that I know of have built in MP3 players, as well as a speaker. Some designers have crafted a Music Pillow for Children, which is exactly that.

Now the only question that remains is what you put on the music file. I would imagine that there are many lullabies that you could probably download from somewhere, and hopefully those would be public domain.

Or if you wanted to, you could record your own voice on your computer, convert it to the proper audio format, load it on the Music Pillow, and your baby can fall asleep hearing your own voice. I’m told this technique will actually work.

Unfortunately, my source doesn’t have any sort of release date, price, or availability on the Music Pillow for Children. Parents who want this type of tech could probably purchase the Cosy Tune Speaker Pillow, which is the Music Pillow for Adults.


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