The Wooden USB Pen-Drive

If you’re in the market for a sleek and stylish USB drive, this one from Etsy would be a great choice.  It features a wooden body that comes in a sleek black.  Of course, if you’re the type that you’re very particular about the way things look, you can even contact the seller to get other materials used to create the drive.  Being a drive with so many options it’s going to cost you more than an average USB drive, but it’d look great to carry around.

The drive is available with 1 or 4GB of memory on the inside, which is a bit small (especially for the price).  So it’d have to be for someone that doesn’t do a whole lot that requires a lot of memory.  In the picture, the creator Fordos, used wood and silver, but they can also use other metals such as gold, titanium, bronze and so on.  To get the 4GB drive it’ll cost you only an extra $10 to the price.  For the 1GB version it will cost you $140 through Fordos on Etsy.

Source: GeekyGadgets

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  1. May I suggest maybe taking all of the new usb drives and grouping them together at the end of the week. I mean we get it, there are a lot of new and exiting usb drives out there. I just fail to see the excitement of a usb drive that is shaped like a monkey and then one that is shaped like a human thumb, when both have up to 2GB of memory. To me its like showing the different dimensions of mother boards with the same specs. Unless one comes along that is significantly smaller or different, it’s the same thing. Just a suggestion, keep up the good work. Love the site.

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