FragFX for the PS3 has a new version out

Some of you might remember two years ago when we first reported on the FragFX for the PS3. In case you aren’t familiar with the FragFX, just picture taking an ordinary Dual Shock controller and splitting in half. Then put the right analog stick on a mouse, and smatter it with the square, circle, triangle, and X buttons. It appears that the left joystick and the leftover buttons have been put on something that looks like a Wii Nunchuck.

The FragFX creators have made a version 2.0 for hardcore First Person Shooter (FPS) gamers, which includes many improvements including the optical mouse, mouse sensitivity, motion sensitivity, mouse buttons, d-pad, and games support.

They have also improved the “Frag” button. Just what exactly does this button do? Perhaps it sprays every opponent on the screen with blazing death. Of course, that would take all the fun out of playing games, wouldn’t it?

Or maybe you want that. Apparently, the FragFX is made for those PS3 gamers that are used to PC type of gaming. I’m not really in that crowd, but I know several people who would really get off on this. If you are one of them, you should be able to get the FragFX 2.0 for about $80.00.