Change messages with a Cell Sticky

by Ally

Sometimes people don’t always say the things you’d like.  Tragically there isn’t really a perfect method that will brainwash your friends and significant other.  So you have to find other ways to make yourself feel important.  Of course, this method will only work for those with an iPhone.  If you do have an iPhone though, you can fool yourself and others that people have sent different messages than they actually sent you.

Granted, if they’re a little too observant they’ll see the lines and realize that this is just a little sticky placed over the top of the real message.  You can get messages that make you feel brilliant and always right or you can place one on it if you’re wanting to pretend there’s a romantic connection between you and someone else.  Right now these are just a funny concept design made by Fiona Carswell.  Hopefully sometime soon these cool Cell Stickies will start being sold.

Source: OhGizmo

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