4-Channel R/C Apache Helicopter


Small toy helicopters abound in the market these days, but what happens when you want to duke it out with the rest by introducing the biggest, baddest boy on the block? The 4-Channel R/C Apache Helicopter is perfect as it measures more than 15″ long and features a quartet of channels of control, allowing you to dominate office airspace in a jiffy. The introduction of dual counter-rotating blades allow even beginners to handle this Apache copter like a seasoned veteran. You will be able to enjoy up/down, right/left rotation, and forward/backward movement and full pitch control on the bottom rotor which makes room for strafing right and left to avoid incoming imaginary missiles. Diminishing returns plague remote control helicopters till today where power is concerned, and the same applies to this 4-Channel R/C Apache Helicopter – it takes a quarter of an hour to generate 7 minutes of fly time. ThinkGeek has placed a $109.99 asking price for this.

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