SRV-1 Blackfin Mobile Surveillance Robot


You know how you were like as a kid, clamoring for the latest and greatest toys while throwing envious glances at your friends who seemed to have much cooler Legos and Game Boys while all you had was a paper to doodle with? Well now that you’re working and earning your keep, why not let the little boy in you surface once in a while with the SRV-1 Blackfin Mobile Surveillance Robot?

Explore the dangerous terrain of your home or office with the SRV-1 Mobile Robot. This palm sized bot packs tank-like treads a 1000MIPS 500MHz Blackfin BF537 processor and a mini video camera. Using 802.11b/g wi-fi the SRV-1 interfaces wirelessly with a remote PC. The Java-based console software includes a built-in web server to monitor and control the SRV-1 via a web browser from anywhere in the world, as well as archive video feeds on demand or on a scheduled basis. Get programming with fully open-source software for robot and host computer.

While the $474.99 SRV-1 Mobile Robot already comes fully assembled and ready to use out-of-the-box, you are required to possess some technical knowledge of Java, networking and the command line in order to set-up the software. Folks who have experienced configuring a basic web server ought to do just fine.

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