Handpresso gives you espresso on the go

by Ally

When you’re traveling, sometimes you have to give up your precious cup of espresso.  Which can actually be more catastrophic for those that have to deal with you than it actually is for you.  So as a service to the people around you, you should make sure that you’re never away from your coveted caffeine fix.  To do that, you will need this Handpresso.  It’s small enough to easily pack away in a suitcase so that it will be handy no matter where you travel.

Although it might not be quite up to the quality of a machine that you might use at home, it would at least be far better than nothing at all.  In order to work the hand held item, just use the handle to pump in air up until you reach 16 bars of pressure.  Then pour the hot water and press the release button.  It then dispenses espresso with crema on top.  There is no power needed, making it even more travel friendly.  You can pick it up for $99 through Amazon.

Source: Bookofjoe

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