Echo Bot Voice Messenger

by Mark R

Are any of you readers watching the FOX show Dollhouse? I would have to say that it isn’t the best show ever made. I only bring this up because there is this gal on the show called Echo, and this super-secret agency can essentially program any memory or personality on her.

The concept for this show is very similar to the Echo Bot, a tiny little monster designed to stand at your desk on three legs and say anything that you want.

The Echo Bot is helpful for working at a public office. Just think of it as tiny guard dog for your desk. So if someone tries to use your computer, the motion sensor on its eye will detect their presence, and say things like the one-liner that you see in the picture. Just imagine how startled this intruder will be when an object that kind of looks like a webcam is talking to them.

Yeah, the Echo Bot is not a webcam. Too bad that function isn’t included on it, because the Echo Bot could certainly could pass as one. Perhaps a webcam function would make the price go up.

As it is, the Echo Bot is at a low price of $14.99, and can be purchased at the Xtreme Geek Website. I think that is a pretty good deal. As for te show Dollhouse that I mentioned earlier, the only thing keeping that show alive is Joss Whedon’s name on it. I think that is a pretty bad deal.


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