The Tissue Box with a hidden camera

by Ally

This gadget is yet another reason being a devious teen with tech savvy parents makes life just a bit more difficult.  Granted, well behaved teens that never sneak out or attempt to have parties while their parents are away won’t be bothered by such things.  However, for those parents that really just don’t trust their kids or they want a little more in home security, this is a great gadget to have around.  It’s highly doubtful that anyone would suspect that this plain black tissue box would have a hidden camera inside.

It can record during the day as well as at night.  It also can be set up to begin recording at scheduled times, so that you don’t have to keep it running at all times and could save battery life.  If anyone were to pick up the entire device, they might notice something a bit different about it.  For those that never touch it though, there wouldn’t be any issues.  It has a hidden SD card slot underneath and a rechargeable 6 hour battery.  You can pick this up through BrickHouse Security for $599.95, which might be a bit pricey for the average household.

Source: ChipChick

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