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For those of us who travel frequently for holidays living the good life, many of our friends would love to see pictures of all the exotic places where we’ve gone to. Instead of going through archives of digital photos and printing them out, why not carry those in a Digital Album like the one you see here? Available in Tan and Black colors to look like a standard photo album, the Digital Album retails for £179 each.

This portable device is a digital photo gallery that can be taken everywhere with you. It has a 7 inch screen and you don’t even need to worry about hooking it up to your PC to upload new photos – it can be done on the spot by connecting it to your digital camera or by inserting an SD card. Even without any extra memory cards the Album still packs a whopping 4GB of memory (that’s up to 40,000 images), and it can be expanded to a staggering 20GB. We can’t even begin to try and work out how many images that amount of memory could store (not because we’re lazy, we’re just terrible at maths). It can playback your photos one at a time or, if you just can’t resist making your friends jealous, you can use the slideshow function. It can even be charged anywhere in the world via USB or by using the handily included universal charger.

Grandparents would also do well to tote this around considering how they love showing off pictures of their third generation to friends as well as random strangers.

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