Chalk Guns from WipeOut

by Mark R

I have to admit that I’ve never played paintball before, simply because I don’t like the idea of getting shot. I heard that is stings a little, which I suppose is better than real combat.

I suppose you could abandon paintball and have a nerf-gun fight. The problem is that those nerf darts are too soft, and you might not know if you or your opponent have been hit. You might end up playing that “hey, I got you” game that you see when kids play war with plastic cap guns.

There is fortunately a happy medium with the Chalk Guns from WipeOut. These guns fire darts that are similar to the ones in Nerf Guns, but they have some chalk dust attached to it. So even though you might not feel that you were hit, the chalk marks lets you and everyone else know that you’ve been dusted.

Yeah, that was a pretty bad joke, but I’m guessing that the chalk dust washes out a lot easier than paintball paint. I’m also guessing that these darts will have to be re-chalked, but who knows how to do that.

You can get pair of these paintball guns at Amazon for about $37, and the dart refills are about $9.


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