Sound Advice Project

by Mark R

I know this is hard to believe, but that little bracelet that you see there is saying “I believe in you”. Actually, it is what you would happen if you spoke into a microphone, printed out the waveform of the message, and cast the waveform in a bracelet.

This bracelet is made by The Sound Advice Project, and it is a nice way for a parent to send a message to their kids and put it on their wrist. I have to admit that I would never have thought of that.

Apparently, it is a way to prevent teen drug abuse. So when your kids are offered to do a line, or smoke a joint, then he or she will look down at his or her wrist and think: “Wait! My parents believe in me. I can just say no”. Yeah, I really think we are pretty naïve to believe that would work, but it is a nice gesture.

Why should this bracelet be limited to parents and their kids? Heck, I would be glad to give one of these to my wife. A message like “I will always love you” could be one of the most romantic things any woman would want to hear.

Hey, I got another use for this. Make it so the bracelet is a key. So if you have some secret place where you need to hide your valuables, only a special phrase on a Sound Advice Bracelet can open the safe. Yeah, that sounds like some sort of Da Vinci code thing, but if Sound Advice can think outside of the box, then so can I.


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