Musical KaleidoDisk


Kids these days often need to change their toys extremely frequently as they tend to get bored super fast. Enter the Musical KaleidoDisk – a single unit that offers two amazing toys that will be described in greater detail below.

First you have decorative disks that you can insert into the unit. As the disk spins, it surrounds the mirrors, plays music, and lights up creating a musical kaleidoscope (it’s very hard for the image here to show how cool it is in action). There are four disks with four different songs like a CD player. You can mount the whole unit on a crib so that you can get some extra sleep while they are enthralled by the images of the disks or you can even position the mirrored disk so that it reflects your child’s face and hand movements. If you want floor time with your baby, this toy will snap into the (included) discovery base so that they can play with it on the floor. The base has engaging features such as squeakers, spinners, clickers and removable balls. With such an array of activities, how can you not get one?

Would you fork out $59.99 for this, or do you think this money could be better spent onto the Lego fund to buy more bricks at let the kid’s imagination do the rest of the work?

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erica Says: June 5, 2010 at 4:13 am

I agree this toy seems cool, but warning!!, I have one and it broke after 5 minutes. The manufacturer has not responded after several requests.

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