The USB Arrow Optical Mouse

You are all the time moving around a miniature arrow with your mouse, so you might as well make the mouse an arrow too.  It’ll leave far less room for confusion that way too.  After all, you might forget what your mouse is used for and that would put a damper on surfing the net.  With this mouse you’ll always know exactly where you stand.  Of course you might start getting confused when the arrow changes into a different symbol, but not every idea is perfect.

This affordable mouse has 800dpi and the usual scroll wheel.  It claims to be ergonomic, but frankly I’m just not seeing that aspect.  The USB mouse could work with either your main PC or would work great as a travel mouse for your laptop.  The USB cord retracts and extends, at its shortest it is 7cm, at the longest it’s 75cm.  You can purchase it in either red or black, sorry there is no white mouse for those that prefer the mouse to look identical to the pointer on their screen.  You can purchase this for $12 through USB Brando.

Source: ChipChick