Robot Model HRP-4C

by Mark R

If you are going to build a robot that looks human, why not make it into a fashion model? This is exactly what Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology did when they unveiled the HRP-4C.

As you can see, it is 5 foot tall, weighs about 95 pounds, but I don’t know her bust/waist/hips measurements. They made her to look lifelike, and I thought she was real at first glance. She reminds me of Faith from the Mirror’s Edge video game.

It would appear that this HRP-4C is going to have a test run as it is going on the runway during Tokyo’s five-day fashion show. I wonder how it will walk with a book on its head.

Best case scenario, the robot walks the walk, and maybe, just maybe, no one will even notice the difference between the HRP-4C and the expressionless runway models that parade about at most fashion shows.

The worst case scenario, the robot malfunctions, and starts killing people. Think Westworld, but instead of robot cowboys, there are robot supermodels.

Okay, now it is time to hear from the readers. If you were some fashion designer, would you want these model-bots on your runway? Is this the beginning of a new age of robo-models? If so, then it will end with the bot-prostitutes seen in AI: Artificial Intelligence. I’m really not ready for that.


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zoro Says: March 18, 2009 at 4:24 am

Hell yeah, I want to see robots as fashion models, why not?

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