Epson unveils a quartet of new projectors


Epson is no stranger when it comes to projectors, and recently they have unveiled four more projectors that have been specially optimized for the classroom, featuring new features that make them a no-brainer to operate, inexpensive and extremely effective for both teachers and students. The new models in question are the PowerLite 84, 85, 825 and 826W that offer extended lamp life up to 6,000 hours. In addition, other features among the four include a built-in closed captioning decoder, USB Plug ‘n Play technology, a powerful internal 10-watt speaker, network connectivity for remote presentations (via wired LAN), and optional wireless connectivity. Epson introduces another first with the four by offering a dedicated microphone input that enables teachers to amplify their voice thanks to the built-in speaker to make sure no student is left out when it comes to tuning in to the lecture or lesson.

The PowerLite 84 and 85 that will retail for $799 and $899, respectively, will come with 2,600 lumens white light output, 2,600 lumens color light output and XGA resolution. As for the $999 PowerLite 825, this model boasts 3,000 lumens white light output, 3,000 lumens color light output and XGA resolution. The high end PowerLite 826W is also going for $999 and features 2,500 lumens white light output, 2,500 lumens color light output and WXGA resolution (16:10 aspect ratio), making it perfect for use with widescreen laptops and DVD content. All three – the PowerLite 85, 825 and 826W will come with extra features that provide educators with tremendous flexibility within the classroom as they remotely deliver presentations, monitor and control the projectors over the network. Not only that, the inclusion of EMP Monitor software will turn these projectors into a broadcast system to show event flyers, updates and emergency instructions.

The Epson PowerLite 84 and 85 will be available in May this year while the PowerLite 825 and 826W will be out a month after that.

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