Traveler’s Leg Massager

by Mark R

Did you ever get those pains in your legs from when you sit too long? For example, say you are on a transatlantic flight, and you’re on the window seat, blocked by two passengers who really hate it when you step over them.

If so, you might want to get the Traveler’s Leg Massager. All you need to do is strap it to your calf or foot, and it will stimulate the leg-bone by expansion and contraction of the leg muscles. It is the same method that hospitals use with compression boots to stop sedentary conditions that will eventually lead to deep vein thrombosis.

In addition to the “throbbing” feature of this device, it has three massage modes that might help alleviate the pressure that comes from an unhealthy habit of sitting around too long, for any reason.

You don’t have to be sitting by a power outlet when you are wearing this device, as it runs on two AA batteries that are good for five hours worth of power.

If you have a life where you sit down way too much, then you might want to invest the Traveler’s Leg Massager for about $149.95 on the ever-so popular Skymall site.

Just one final thought: this Traveler’s Leg Massager looks a lot like one of those ankle bracelets that they put on people who are under house arrest. So when you are flying, and you put on the Leg Massager, the passenger next to you might ask: “Are you sure you should be traveling in your…condition?” Better be prepared with a good response for that one.


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