Motion Computing J3400 Rugged PC


Let’s have a show of hands here – how many people do you know out there have rugged PCs that are tough and take a no-nonsense approach? Well, I personally don’t know anyone with that since they don’t work in fields and industries that require such a device, but for folks who are constantly bustling in harsh environments, might we suggest taking a look at the Motion Computing J3400 rugged PC? This lightweight and ergonomic piece of computing is pretty tough and is able to adapt to virtually any environment (unless you’re working down the belly of a volcano or something, of course). Perfect for mobile workers that compute while walking or standing, the J3400 comes with a dual battery design and an industry-leading, bright outdoor display.

Motion’s J3400 offers all of the durability and functionality of a rugged PC, without the extra weight and price associated with traditional fully rugged devices. The tablet PC features a hot-swappable dual battery feature for all day computing performance. Additionally, with its balanced design, integrated shoulder strap attach points, rounded corners and slip-free grip surface, it is easily carried throughout the day. Motion’s unique design and internal frame that protects internal components without adding weight or thickness allows for the J3400’s rugged design and light weight. The tablet PC is IP-52 rated and meets MIL-STD-810F specifications – able to withstand a three-foot drop on plywood over concrete as well as the occasional bumps, dust and moisture associated with mobile working environments.

Features include a 1.8″ shock protected hard drive, a shock-mounted display, an accelerometer that protects data during drops, an optional 64GB SSD storage solution, a 2 megapixel web camera, a Smart Card reader and biometric fingerprint reader for added security, GPS navigation and tracking, as well as a series of connectivity options. You won’t find the J3400 short on power with its Intel Core 2 Duo processor, that’s for sure.

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