The Dark Ops Wii Light Gun

by Ally

I’ve never been too thrilled with the guns that have been released for the Wii.  Some are so cheaply made that they break in no time at all.  Others are large and bulky and although they do the job, it’d be nice if there was something durable and smaller.  Well here’s a Wii accessory that although there’s no way to know how durable it is, it actually looks great.  Whoever designed it actually put creative thought into the gun, which is far more effort than I’ve seen put into a great deal of the Wii accessories.

This Dark Ops Wii Light Gun is lightweight and looks great.  It gives you full access to all of the buttons on the remote, while still giving you “realistic trigger action.”  It also allows for free motion of the nunchuck, giving you a great deal of versatility.  It features a double grip that makes it comfortable for one or two handed action.  It’ll allow for you to aim with the gun instead of the remote, by utiliziing Fresnel light-bending technology.  You can pick it up online for $19.95.

Source: Techeblog

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