MAC 800 Portable ECG System

Portable ECG systems aren’t exactly something that we cover on a daily basis, but this one looks pretty interesting that we guess it deserves some airtime on Coolest Gadgets. The nice people at the FDA have recently given their collective nod of approval for GE Healthcare’s MAC 800 portable ECG system. What seems to come in a relatively lightweight package, the MAC 800 is able to save further space thanks to the keyboard that is styled after that of a cell phone instead of the standard, full size variety. It is interesting to note that the MAC 800 was originally developed for the Chinese market, but has been adapted and will now be marketed in the US.

A full size ECG device will generally tip the scales at 65 pounds thereabouts, but thanks to the wonders and miracles of modern technology as well as miniaturization techniques, GE Healthcare has managed to cram all the features found in the aforementioned ECG device into the MAC 800 that weighs slightly below seven pounds – at that is with the battery, to boot! The MAC 800 itself comes with an integrated carrying handle that allows clinicians to carry it like a briefcase, virtually enabling an expanding access to care without the patient’s location being a hindrance. The built-in lithium ion battery will keep the MAC 800 going for around 2 hours, while a four hour charging time makes downtime a minimal bone of contention.

Being connected to a physician’s work environment is essential in order to maximize the use of the MAC 800, which is why it comes with a wide range of connectivity options including a LAN port, a built-in modem, an SD memory card reader and a serial port which allows one to store and send ECG data from any location. You can also output data in either PDF or XML formats for universally recognized storing and data sharing purposes.

Source: Medgadget

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